To shareholders and investors

Koji Shibamiya<br/>President
Koji Shibamiya

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to our customers, shareholders and all other stakeholders for your continued support and patronage to the Company and the group companies.


It has been already one year since I was appointed as the president of the Company.


During the past year, we experienced changes in the economic environment such as decline in crude oil prices, slowdown in the Chinese economy, and the end of the zero-interest rate policy in the U.S. The disasters, conflicts and accidents also continued to occur across the world. I fully realize that it is thanks to the support from many people that we can continue our business and delivering products to our customers.


When we change our perspective, we can see another aspect. There were 3,170 million Internet users in the world in 2015, and the number is increasing at a rate of more than 200 million new users every year (Source: WHITE PAPER Information and Communications in Japan). There are 15.4 billion devices that are connected to the Internet, and the number is also increasing at a rate of more than 2 billion devices every year (Source: IHS TECHNOLOGY).


It goes without saying that many things are rapidly becoming electric and are equipped with communication terminals. The technologies of smart automation, autonomous vehicles, smart houses and artificial intelligence will be essential. We predicts that the needs of these technologies will accelerate exponentially in the fields of industrial machinery, automobiles and medical equipment, which are our priority fields. Thus, we consider this technological development as opportunities for sustainable growth of the Company.


The target of the medium-term management plan, which started in FY 2015, is to become a “Globally recognized company,” and the Company is aiming at consistent management by always maintaining good relationships with stakeholders. We will work on the following agendas in keeping with the fact of Phenitec Semiconductor Corp. being made a subsidiary in April 2016.


  1. To focus on the markets of industrial devices, in-vehicle devices and medical equipment
  2. To create differentiated unique products based on a technology road map
  3. To enhance added value that will be provided to customers based on the close collaboration among group companies
  4. To incorporate new foundation technologies and manufacturing technologies using strategic collaborations


The sales composition of the focused three markets in FY2015 showed steady growth, and it is expected to go over 50% in three years. As for product development, we are also steadily increasing our new product lines with a focus on in-vehicle devices. Furthermore, we are convinced that Phenitec Semiconductor will play an important role in implementing the strategies of the Company.


We are proud that we have been contributing to the development of the electronic industry as a specialized manufacturer of analogue power supply ICs for 20 years in a rapidly changing environment. Our everlasting concept as a technology development company is “Powerfully Small!” This is our resolution that we will continue using our strengths of energy-saving and downsizing technologies that we have cultivated since our establishment. It also expresses our enthusiasm for continued growth to surpass major rival companies that we are still no match for in terms of company size.


As a leader of a company that is supported by many stakeholders, I am strongly aware that we need to not only maintain certain business results and stable financial status but also take bold actions for our growth. As a global company that supports the society by power supply ICs, we will continue polishing intelligence and sensitivity and improving our strengths of energy-saving and downsizing. We will also make efforts to create the valuable products that adapt to the world and aim to become a company that is recognized in the world in order to prosper together with everyone who is involved with our business.